How it works

Revolutionising the way we approach fashion, SWOP Fashion is a transformative platform that promotes sustainability and ethical practices. Here's how it works:

See video demo

Registering and Creating a Profile

Join the SWOP Fashion community with your email and a password or through your Google account. Choose a name and there is an option to add a picture and description if you want to look more professional.


Browse a public library of the latest designs.

Face Swop

Creating your own Digital Fashion with SWOP is SO easy. And it’s even easier to blend yourself in. When you’ve created your design, just upload an image of your face and voila: it’s you in your own Digital Fashion creation. Read more


See what other creators have entered in the Competition and show your support by choosing the ones you like.

Design Fashion

Create your own fashion by writing words with your ideas into the SWOP prompt bar. It is super fun and within minutes of you sending the prompt, 4 images with your fashion will appear. If you like them you can shortlist them or make them public so others can see them. If you really like them you can enter them to Open Call. If you don’t like them you can delete them and prompt again. It literally only takes minutes.

My Wardrobe

This is where you will find all the fashion you have created including your public items.

Inspiration Gallery

Here you will find premade inspiration for Fashion you can use as it is or copy the prompt to make your own Fashion design and make add your face to it?


Create account using your e-mail address or join with your Google Account. Fill in profile details and you are ready to do some AI magic

Start designing

Enter your fashion promt on "Design with AI" page. You can start with short and simple prompts and expand your design later with additional details.

Make your fashion public

You can save your design to your "Short list" or make item visible to everyone to adore.

Ready for some competition?

Submit your digital wearable for an Open Call. Don't forget to also vote for other designs.