SWOP was founded in 2022 in Copenhagen as a social impact tech company, who democratizes Digital Fashion and empowers communities to look fabulous. On top of that you save more than 3.000 liters wastewater and reduce your carbon footprint with 97% each time you create a Digital Fashion item instead of fast fashion.

Not long ago it was extremely hard to become part of the fashion industry. Not anymore! SWOP empowers your creativity with AI: if you can write your vision (and we have an Academy to help you), you can create your own Digital Fast Fashion design in minutes. This process used to take days and weeks if you used 3D software for your creations.

Now you can unleash your creativity without any design skills - AI will do the magic for you.

Express yourself freely - you can even make money from it if you want to.
Our vision is to transform selected AI fashion items, upvoted by the community, to physical fashion in limited editions, both from rising talents and brand collabs. This way we minimize overproduction in the fashion industry by producing on demand collections, empowered by the creators and community.

Everything we do is based on these 4 core values:


We believe everyone can be a fashion designer. Fashion should not be for the few, but for all creative souls who have bold ideas to express themselves and want to share it with the community.


We believe in the future by creating our best version of it. We are optimistic, but not naive. It's inevitable that AI will shake up most industries and there needs to be regulation to control it. We are confident that we will solve it, both as a business and as a society.


It's OK to fail - if you're not failing, you're not doing enough. We dream big everyday - our success depends on how fast we learn. Trial and error. Surprise yourself and your surroundings - learn something new every day.


Our users are the center of our universe. We want to make fashion creation accessible to all. To do so, we need to truly understand their lifes and needs to stay relevant. We deeply care for our users possibility to express themselves and our product reflects that.

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